Salamanca Realty


Protecting your information

From 21st December 2001 the Australian Federal Governments new Privacy Rules will come into effect covering all personal information held by organizations. These rules regulate, among other matters, the way organizations collect, use, disclose, and give people access to personal information. Protecting your privacy and your personal information is an important aspect of the way in which Salamanca Realty conducts its activities.

Our privacy policy supports and endorses the Privacy Commissioners National Principles for the Fair Handling of Personal Information. Salamanca Realty will only collect personal information from you with your prior knowledge and consent. Salamanca Realty will only use personal information provided by you for the purposes for which it was obtained and will not disclose your personal information to a third party without your consent.

Salamanca Realty ensure that your personal information will not be disclosed to other organizations or authorities except if required by Law. Salamanca Realty have implemented technology and security policies, rules and measures to protect the personal information that we have under our control. Salamanca Realty will remove personal information from our records where it is no longer required unless such information is required for archiving purposes.