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End-to-end service for business commercial landlords or tenants

The commercial property management team at Salamanca Realty provides in-depth insight and guidance on your property needs, whether you’re selling or leasing your asset. We will be by your side throughout every step of the procedure, ensuring success.

We’ll first prepare and present the property so that its potential is clear to prospective buyers or tenants, before coordinating marketing services, conducting viewings and entering into negotiations on your behalf.

At Salamanca Realty, we offer an end-to-end service ideal for commercial landlords, taking the stress out of the real estate experience. We understand that having the right people manage your investments means you will have both peace of mind and enjoy high returns on investment.


Your asset is safe with us

Comprehensive and confidential services

We work with you to unlock the best possible results for your property.

Extensive marketing

The right marketing strategy for your property will increase exposure to the right people.

Hassle-free inspections

We conduct inspections with serious prospective buyers and tenants to reach results sooner.

First-class negotiations

Our experienced team has well-developed negotiation skills with an impressive track record.

Local knowledge

We know real estate in Hobart and can work the market to benefit you.

Matching buyers and properties

We want all buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants to win, so we advise on what we know will work.


We have the answers for your questions

As Tasmania’s capital, Hobart is where the business is. The city’s CBD attracts a huge number of people visiting each day to shop, study, work and invest. Furthermore, Hobart is the gateway from the southern Huon region to the rest of the state. The recent pandemic resulted in more mainlanders moving to the island state, many of whom have brought their businesses with them.

As the city and Greater Hobart continues to expand, it attracts businesses from all industries, and is showing no evidence of slowing down. Tasmania’s growth makes it the perfect place to buy a commercial  or industrial property in order to benefit from new opportunities Hobart and Greater Hobart offer. Invest today and reap the rewards tomorrow.

Tasmania’s tourism industry has drastically increased in recent years, with Hobart becoming known as the state’s cultural hub. A Hobart-based business has the opportunity to reach over 220,000 local residents in the Greater Hobart area, and an additional 900,000+ visitors each year. With lower rates than many other Australian capitals, this number of potential customers promises success.

Hobart offers one of the best lifestyles and cleanest environments in Australia and the world, making living, working and running a business a a fantastic lifestyle opportunity. Aside from being Tasmania’s economic engine it is also the most important regional centre, and offers a highly qualified employee base that can provide assistance to new business owners.

The commercial property team at Salamanca Realty provides a wealth of knowledge and experience that is simply unmatched anywhere else in town. Our agents go to great lengths to ensure every minute detail of our business and commercial and industrial property listings are known to sellers and buyers, resulting in an all-round positive experience for each party involved.

We offer Specialist Brokerage services that are perhaps unrivalled in Hobart, with our lead Specialist Business Broker sporting over 30 years’ experience and a REIT Practitioner qualification. With Salamanca Realty you can rest assured in the knowledge that we will meet all industry professional and ethical standards. Every business we list, has been vigorously checked before being placed on the market, and we work with you to provide support and guidance from start to finish.

At Salamanca Realty our reputation is paramount, and the service we provide reflects that. When our clients succeed, we succeed, and that is why we offer a seamless selling process that doesn’t cut corners. When selling or leasing your property, we will ensure that the Building Act Compliance is met correctly, and that all sales or leasing contracts are correct. We will attend to maintenance matters in an effective and efficient manner. Additionally, we will organise leases, whether they be ongoing, through our commercial property management services, or reaching their end in the case of selling or buying. We follow a due diligence checklist to ensure your commercial assets are protected and generate high return on investment.


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