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Leave your property in our experienced hands


Distinguished services for premium properties

Salamanca Realty has a dedicated team with extensive experience in property management. We offer end-to-end services and have the knowledge to ensure you receive an increased return on investment for your property. Whether your property is residential or commercial, in need of renovations or quality tenants, our team can help.

We have a high ratio of Property Managers to managed properties, allowing us to give you and your property the time and attention needed. Over 80% of our current tenant list comes from the corporate sector seeking quality properties in Hobart’s most desired areas. Due to our extensive database of tenants and reputation for delivering outstanding service, our vacancy levels are well below the industry average. We offer distinguished services to property owners and tenants alike, and maintain effective communication throughout.


Your asset is safe with us

Decades of experience in the local market

Count on us to apply our knowledge of the housing market in Hobart to your benefit.

Maximise returns and ensure security

We provide accurate and appropriate advice and guidance to you as an investor.

Competitive property management fees

We offer high-quality, credible services, giving you value for money when renting your property through us.

Highly professional and tailored system

Our professional systems allow us to manage your property seamlessly and flexibly.

Comprehensive and frequent financial reporting

We provide everything you need for accounting, tax and other purposes in a timely manner.

Effective and efficient communication

We maintain open communication channels to keep you informed about your property.


We have the answers to your questions

At Salamanca Realty, we do what we say we will. We invest in industry best practice, and have decades of experience offering Property Management services. We have a higher ratio of Property Managers to managed properties than most other agencies, which means we have time to give your property the attention it deserves and to communicate effectively with you. At Salamanca Realty, our Property Management business is never on holiday!

Our portfolio is largely made up of high-quality commercial or residential properties in Hobart’s most sought-after inner city suburbs and waterfront areas. We mostly conduct one on one tenant inspections and during the contract we conduct three routine inspections in a twelve month period. We address maintenance issues proactively and have an established, trustworthy and reliable team of professional tradesmen available.

By utilising our Property Management service, you can have a stress-free experience and enjoy increased return on your investment. At Salamanca Realty, we ensure rentals are reviewed annually and maintained at the premium end. Income issues are avoided with daily monitoring through our management systems. We also have the experience and understanding of the local market required to provide you with advice on ways to increase the appeal and value of your property through small renovations or updated presentation.

We ensure you have all the required financial documentation related to your property. System-generated monthly financial reports are emailed directly to you and/or your accountant, and annual income/expense reports are made available on the 30th of June each year for tax purposes. For commercial rentals, all payments are made monthly in advance and we can arrange for early transfers of net rental to suit individual needs. 


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