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Salamanca Realty are the leaders when it comes to property management in Hobart, with our considerate and astute approach having made us the market leaders in the area. The quality of our property management is down to our team, of which have a huge amount of experience and knowledge that they can bring to managing your asset, and can promise nothing less than quality of service and additional value in your investment.

Our property management team understand the Hobart housing market perfectly. It is this knowledge that allows them to, not just make the most out of your property and its location, but also to provide the essential services that Hobart’s market demands, such as:

  • Professionalism in presentation
  • Detailed descriptions, including photos of high quality and clarity
  • Trust in both you as a landlord, and in us as an agency
  • Transparency in what is being offered and services ongoing for the future
  • A first point of contact that is always willing to help

Our property managers are alone in having such vital skills at their disposal, and can guarantee that you, as the owner of a property asset, will have your asset taken care of with due diligence and respect for your investment.

Expert property management in Hobart

The team at Salamanca Realty has worked exceptionally hard over the years to ensure that we alone can offer nothing less than the best service and management of your asset. Whether it is in need of a renovation to improve its standing and value in the Hobart market, or that it is in need of quality tenants, you can count on us to deliver what’s best for you.

This focus on meticulousness reaches right into the minute details of what we do, and how we manage the properties in our portfolio. We have over 83% of our current tenant list coming from the corporate sector, of whom are looking for prime real estate in Hobart’s most desirable inner city suburbs. Even further, we advertise to a strong base of tenants worldwide that can guarantee your asset security and quality.

By doing this, not only can we promise you the best, but we can also promise our tenants that they are getting great value and service throughout their tenancy. It’s a win-win for both parties, and one that we are keen and proud of to be able to both encourage and facilitate.

Why trust us to manage your property

With decades of experience in the management and careful nurturing of property, you can count on us to apply this intricate knowledge of the housing market in Hobart to better your fortune. As with our whole client base, we are more than happy to advise and guide property investors towards a main goal of maximising the returns and the security of their property investment.

Having your property in our care means a steady hand during times of housing market fluctuations, complete accountability and accessibility into our processes, as well as the very best of standards throughout the whole market in Hobart.

We also have a tailored system in place that allows for us to manage your property seamlessly and without disruption, as well as a comprehensive reporting and communication pathway that will provide you with all of the information that you need to make an informed decision regarding your property asset in Hobart.

You can enquire about our property management in Hobart directly by requesting an appraisal of your asset below. If you have any further questions into our methodology, or anything else that we can offer you specifically, please do not hesitate to contact us either by calling (03) 6222 6363, or by clicking below to go to our contact form.


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