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How to sell my house? Here are some Useful House Selling Tips

Make your home shine and look it’s very best!

Good first impressions can make all the difference between a quick sale and a prolonged one and certainly add extra dollars to the final selling price.

The following tips are simple and effective in creating the right image – and we all know that image is everything!

  • Declutter and remove any surplus furniture, knick-knacks and personal photos – this helps potential purchasers imagine themselves living in your home and will make rooms feel larger and improve the flow from room to room
  • Clean windows inside and out
  • Clean and clear kitchen bench tops of clutter and surplus appliances
  • Clean bathrooms meticulously
  • Have carpets and soft furnishings professionally cleaned
  • A fresh coat of paint will do wonders for the overall appeal of the home

Making a good first impression on the outside can be the deciding factor on whether a potential purchaser walks in the door or not.

If a home does not present well on the outside, potential purchasers may be put off pursuing any further despite all your efforts to the contrary on the inside.

  • Make the entrance welcoming, de-clutter and add natural colour in the way of a few pot plants
  • A fresh coat of paint on the front door always makes for a good first impression
  • Polish any fittings on the door
  • Invest in a  new doormat
  • Remove any leaves and cobwebs from the entrance
  • Trim and tidy gardens and mow lawns
  • Make sure any outdoor lighting is in good working order

These are just a few helpful tips and we can also recommend professional stylists who specialise in full makeovers and furnishing of the entire property.

For further advice and suggestions on how we can work together to lift the image of your home, call one of our qualified agents today at Salamanca Realty.

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