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Sell your house hassle-free, with Salamanca Realty

Sell your house hassle-free, with Salamanca Realty

Selling your home may be one of the most stressful things you will ever do. With the potential to hugely impact your financial and emotional wellbeing, going it alone is not the answer. Salamanca Realty can take the stress and hassle out of the selling experience, leaving you feeling only excitement for what’s to come.

If you’re considering selling your home, you may be wondering what stages you have to pass through to reach that long-awaited settlement day? Let’s start from the beginning.

The Strategy

When you approach a real estate agent, their first task is to understand your needs and desires. By working with an agent you trust, you can speak openly and honestly about what you expect from their service, allowing them to formulate a strategy that suits your unique circumstances. After inspecting your house and conducting a market analysis, the agent will appraise your property. From there, a decision will be made regarding the method of sale (Auction, Private Treaty, Tender, Expression of Interest). Our experienced agents will consult with you at each stage of the process, and ensure your voice is heard.

The Marketing

Your real estate agent will use their expertise to design a marketing strategy that will yield the best results for your property. They will organise to have your property presented in the best light before hiring a professional photographer, floorplan drafter and marketing team to develop the advertising materials (brochure, photosign, printed and digital ads). Your property will then be promoted to the maximum number of potential buyers possible through the use of direct mail advertising to an extensive database of buyers, online listings on real estate portals, printed ads in newspapers, features in the real estate guide, and more. At Salamanca Realty we won’t make these decisions for you, but with you.

The Inspections

Your agent will then begin conducting inspections, following a schedule and method that has been negotiated with you. Open homes increase traffic, but private inspections by appointment are useful for identifying serious prospective buyers. During this time, your agent has a number of tasks: They will ensure your property is well-presented, communicate the value of your property to prospective buyers, record the details of each buyer, provide you with feedback and comments after inspections, nurture relationships with multiple buyers and then negotiate the best price for you. Salamanca Realty is committed to providing distinguished services, so you can rest assured your agent will deliver only the best.

The Sale

Once you’re happy with a negotiated price, the legal and financial sides of the process take place. Your agent will prepare a contract and follow up on any conditions, such as visiting the buyer’s existing property or organising building inspections. They will then formalise signing of the contract and collect the deposit, all whilst maintaining communication with you and the other parties involved. When settlement day arrives, the transfer of payment and property ownership will be completed by the solicitor or conveyancer on each side, and your agent will transfer the deposit to your account. With the utmost attention to detail, Salamanca Realty makes this process as smooth and simple as possible so you can be sure there’ll be no nasty surprises!

The Follow-Up

Your relationship with a Salamanca Realty agent doesn’t end on settlement day. We are committed to giving you the best real estate experience from start to finish and beyond. So if you require assistance with relocation or want to know about any additional services that may benefit you, your agent will be more than happy to help.

The Experience 

The Salamanca Realty team is made up of experienced agents with impressive sales skills and extensive local market knowledge. We will be by your side from day dot, offering you advice and guidance as needed, and achieving the best possible results for your property. At Salamanca Realty, we value quality over quantity, which means we’ll give you the time and attention you deserve, taking the hassle out of your selling experience.

Want to enjoy a stress-free selling experience? Contact us today.